Thursday, March 7, 2013

Road Trip Wednesday # 171

Quarterly Check In!

I had plans... once.  And perhaps they were silly plans.  Especially for Winter Break which involves not only travel, but Christmas, and birthdays and Memorial services and sundry other events that are full of crazy.  But I had hope!

I have two novels that are currently: UNDER CONSTRUCTION: HARD HATS ONLY.

And I was planning, I suppose, to finish both.  One just needed to be finished, and the other needed to be refinished, since I had to cut the last 7 chapters and reformulate them.

I managed to get neither goals accomplished... during break.

But just last weekend I scribbled down the final scene for novel #2, and wrote a short epilogue.  DONE!  (Then, of course, I looked back at the beginning and was like - oh god.  This needs a lot of work.  As well as needing to be cut by 1/3.)

Novel #1 is still not quite complete, but I'm hoping that Friday/Saturday this week will give me a few solid hours to bang out some words.  I have been progressing, and I really think there's only a few more scenes before I hit the end, less than 10k even.

And then CPs!  Be ready!

(And at some point I need to find the time to sort out my thesis, but one thing at a time, eh?)

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