Sunday, February 12, 2012

That's YAmore & Hot in Here Blogfests

Is it Getting Hot in Here?
So, I tend to forget about Valentines Day, just generally, unless something hilarious happens (like last year, with my roommate, and her 'not-boyfriend' making a superfancy dinner with flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, and her calling me out for referring to him as her boyfriend, when, in the morning, he was her boyfriend.  So silly.)  But in my morning blogtrolls what did I discover but not one, but two blogfest/hops where you post a short romantic/kissing scene.  Having been depressed about not writing, I realized that this would be a perfect opportunity to type up one such scene that has been sitting in my notebook for a few weeks.  So I did!

That's YAmore!

I really enjoyed reading the other scenes!  Some were just cute, some very romantic, some clearly out of awesome Sci-fi or dystopians.

So here's mine!  (Maybe a tad long)
From my Contemporary Fantasy YA, working title: Catarin.

It's sort of in the middle of everything, too much to explain, so I hope it stands up okay on its own.

Shivering was what woke me, shivering so hard that I felt my chattering teeth would crack, splinter my jaw, send shockwaves through my bones. 
“Easy, easy.”  My skin burned as something warm touched my hand.  I couldn’t see who it was, my eyelids frozen shut, a rime of ice interleaved with my lashes.  I could feel fur surrounding me and warm breath against my face.  The ice melted, cool water, like tears, running down my cheeks.  I blinked, everything a blur, and then I could see Saisea, leaning over me, cupping my frozen hands in hers. 
“Don’t you ever do that again,” she hissed.  “Don’t you dare leave like that.” 
I stared at her, feeling nothing.  Her eyes flashed like an animal’s in the torchlight, but they were still the color of mottled, dirty ice.  “Why do you care about what happens to meat?”  
The words came out poorly, my lips and tongue too frozen to flex into the correct contortions, but she understood me.  I could tell by the flinch, the ugly twist to her mouth that bared her too sharp teeth. 
“I saved your life!” 
“For what ends?”  I struggled to sit, but couldn’t.  I wanted to grab her, shake her, shake her hard enough to force out the truth instead of just lie after lie.  “What do you want of me next?" 
I was shivering again, shuddering.  My eyes stung with hot tears.  She stilled, and then sank, kneeling on the heap of furs, leaning close, threading her fingers through my hair, tucking the stray strands behind my ear.  “Just get warm,” she whispered.  “You can curse at me all you want then.” 
The heat of her body had started to crack the numbness of my own, leaving behind nothing but a painful ache.  Her lips quirked, and she moved even closer, eyes lidded, her breath hot and humid against my neck.  “There’s one way to get your blood flowing quickly.” 
“No,” I hissed. 
Saisea twitched open the lowest button on my shirt, tracing a fingertip over the small patch of skin she bared.  “You need heat, body heat, and I can share.” 
She could share, could she?  My hands were still dead blocks of ice, and as she leaned over me, making short work of the rest of my buttons, I slid them up under her shirt, pressing them against her hot back. 
“Gah!”  She arched into me, struggling to get away from the sudden cold, but I clung tightly, her skin burning my hands.  She hissed in a tight breath of air, regaining control.  She lay where she had fallen on top of me, the weight of her torso grounding me, her legs, in tight leather breeches, interwoven with mine.  She laughed quietly.  “Bitch,” she murmured. 
As if I could ever compete with her for that title. 
Then she kissed me, her mouth like a furnace, breathing heat and life in through my lungs.  She cupped my face, moving against me as she shifted to get a better angle, as if she wanted to devour me from the inside out.  
Keeping my arms wound tight around her back, I closed my eyes, and I let her.


  1. Oh, is it FF??? I hope it is. I love it both ways (ha!) but there isn't enough FF love stories out there. And you write beautiful fantasy.

    1. Yep, it's FF. There's totally a shortage of FF, particularly really swoony FF, which is what I'm going for. (None of this cute and nice stuff.)

      Thank you!

  2. I LOVE IT! (And I love that it's FF--go you!)

  3. wow - now that's a steamy scene! very well written!

  4. Nice one! Such mysterious dialogue and great imagery. I'm glad I joined this hop so I could find your writing. Well done! :)

  5. The writing was fantastical! :) I'm glad I found you via the bloghop - a great Valentine day post :)

  6. Whew! That was hot! And it kinda reminds me of that scene in The Saint. Without Val Kilmer of course :)

  7. You certainly turned up the heat on that one! Nicely done!!

  8. Nice! Those last two lines are fantastic!